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10 people were injured in the collision in the flight, the leg of the crew member was also broken

A collision between crew members and passengers on a flight from Angola to Portugal left 10 people, including 2 air hostesses, injured and one crew member broke his leg.

According to aviation sources, flight DT 652 of Taj Angola Airlines, the official airline company of the African country Angola, left yesterday for Lisbon, the capital of Portugal, with a delay of 53 minutes.

The Airbus A330 aircraft was on a routine flight and the air hostess was serving the passengers when there was an argument between a crew member and the passenger over something. continued, each was thoroughly tested with whatever came to hand.

According to aviation sources, the plane was showing the scene of a war, after the collision subsided, the video inside the plane has come to light, showing the intensity of the fight between the crew and passengers on the floor, roof and seats of the plane. can be estimated. Passengers’ luggage and food items are seen scattered in the plane, children’s cries are heard in the video even after the collision has stopped.

Ambulances and medical teams were waiting for the injured when the plane landed at Lisbon International Airport after a flight of about 7 hours and 19 minutes. The airline confirmed that two crew members were injured in the altercation. It was also reported that one of the crew member’s leg was also broken, while the information about the injuries of the 8 injured passengers could not be found.

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