A case of 17 diabetic patients suffering visual impairment due to smuggled injection in Kasur


A Westin Avastine Injection Registered Sources in Pakistan.
There are also potential sources of off-label use of injections
Means of taking sample after complaint of required injection by Drug Regulatory Authority
A safety alert has been issued to all hospitals, distributors and pharmacies in Islamabad as well
Ingestion is used to slow the progression of diabetic eye disease.
From where was the smuggled injection sold in Punjab imported Sources ongoing verification
Sources have not yet received any reports of the use of this injection in Islamabad
Avastine injection is also used as an anti-cancer drug
Caretaker Federal Health Minister cand Federal Health Minister Nadeem Jan took notice of the Kasur cases report issue
In Punjab, the inquiry of the investigation committee headed by Dr. Asad Aslam continues


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