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A sweeping and damp cleaning robot on the floor

CALIFORNIA: For women, sweeping the floor with a house sweep, and especially a wet cloth, is a chore, and that’s why the Roadmap EVA robot has been created that can do both very well and quickly.

After completing its work, it automatically reaches its charging box and keeps charging there. Now thanks to the app its timing and work can also be chosen. Despite its small size, it is capable of drawing air with great force up to 3200 PA.

That’s why it attracts even the smallest particles of dust. You can call it an app-controlled vacuum cleaner that works automatically. It moves forward on its own and does its duty. Secondly, there is a bag full of dust inside which it empties itself. If you wipe it off, it can fill the floor with moisture and dry it quickly.

It basically cleans in three ways: the same system has a vacuum, a mop and a third sweeper. This robot can do this by penetrating inside. Secondly, it can also be guided by the voice control of Google and Alexa, otherwise it is possible to run it from the app. Its internal system can keep it within 60 days. Because of this, it can do its job even when you are away from home. The cost of a completely hands-free vacuum and sweeping robot

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