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Actor Shan exposes the lie of Tuck Tucker who brought Ertugrul to Pakistan


LAHORE: Actor Shan has exposed the lie of Kashif Zameer, the tucker who brought Turkish actor Engen Altan Dziyatan aka Ertugrul Ghazi to Pakistan. Tuck Tuck Kashif Zameer shared a photo with his Instagram account actor Shaan Shahid a few days ago and wrote in the caption, Is it okay to make stars from other countries your brand ambassadors? He asked the people what should be my answer to this question of Shaan? ” Actor Shaan immediately reacted to Kashif Zameer’s post, exposing his lies and saying, “Brother, you are saying wrong. I did not ask you any such question. Rather, you had requested for a photograph which I had given permission due to Shafqat Cheema. It should be noted that Kashif Zameer, the owner of a private firm and Tuck Tucker, had signed a one million dollar contract with Turkish actor Engin Altan and under this agreement Engin Altan came to Lahore, Pakistan last month. However, after Ertugrul’s return to Turkey, Kashif Zameer was revealed to be involved in 8 cases including fraud, theft and robbery and Kashif Zameer was also arrested. It was later reported that Engin Altan had canceled a ڈالر 1 million contract with Kashif Zameer.

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