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Actress and model Aini Khan has suddenly announced to quit Showbiz

Leading actress and model Aini Khan has suddenly announced to quit Showbiz. In this regard, Aini Khan says that a decent girl like me has no job in the art world. There are those whom I can’t believe because my high family values ​​and social limits and restrictions do not allow it. There is no such thing as a name. Aini Khan further said that it is better to live a life of nobility at home than to endure more mental stress. Aini Khan’s close friend Imran Sahil confirmed that our society I am a noble and chaste girl. I have a lot of problems to work with. I fully support his decision to say goodbye to Aini Khan forever. Among them are Gol Mall, Madam Chalbaaz, Dil Nadan, Majboori, Happy New Year and Chalbaaz Hussainiya. Leaving Aini Khan’s showbiz on social media His fans are very saddened by the announcement.

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