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Afghan Air Force bombing kills 30 militants, Kabul claims

KABUL: The Afghan Defense Ministry has claimed that 30 militants were killed and six wounded in a military operation.

According to Afghan media, 30 militants were killed in a joint operation by Afghan Army commandos and Afghan Air Force in Nijrab district of Kapisa province. Of those killed, 16 belonged to al-Qaeda and 14 to the Taliban.

Elaborating on the operation, a spokesman for the Ministry of Defense said that the Afghan Air Force bombed the hideouts of the militants while the evil army cleared the area and took the injured militants into custody and shifted them to the hospital.
The Ministry of Defense did not identify the militants killed or wounded, nor did it report any casualties among the Afghan army.

The Taliban and al-Qaeda have not yet confirmed or denied the government’s claim. Clashes between militants and security forces are common in Kapisa Province

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