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Afghan peace process and Pakistan


Peace in Afghanistan is not only a guarantee of Afghanistan’s stability but also necessary for peace in the region and the world. The world, including the United States, now seems to be making sincere efforts for peace in Afghanistan. Pakistan’s role in this regard is crucial. Admittedly, this issue has gone through many ups and downs so far. Al-Qaeda and the Taliban have broken the peace here. The role of both Pakistan and the United States in Afghanistan has changed dramatically, which has helped move towards peace. The United States and the Taliban held successful talks in Doha that not only pushed the peace process forward but also released prisoners on both sides, as well as reducing the number of bombings and attacks in Afghanistan on a daily basis. I. Pakistan’s role in the Afghan process is very important. US Special Representative for Afghanistan Zalmai Khalilzad while appreciating Pakistan’s efforts for Afghan peace said that Pakistan has encouraged the Taliban to reduce violence.

In an interview with US media, US Special Representative for Afghanistan Zalmai Khalilzad said that Afghan leaders and the Taliban should not repeat the mistakes of the past and take advantage of the opportunity to agree on a peaceful solution.

Referring to Pakistan’s role, he said that Pakistan has been instrumental in the two-year-old US peace efforts in Afghanistan. “Afghans are sitting at the same table for the first time in 42 years. It is a moment of hope and opportunity. There are also challenges.

Zalmai Khalilzad said that Pakistan had encouraged the Taliban to negotiate with the Afghan government and reduce violence and had also been helpful in holding talks with Afghan leaders.

 Zalmai Khalilzad’s statement fully reflects Pakistan’s role in Afghanistan. Similarly, the rest of the world, especially the United Nations, has praised Pakistan’s role. Now the successful visit of Afghan leader Dr. Abdullah Abdullah. Pakistan is also a proof that Pakistan is playing a very important role for peace in Afghanistan. The world knows that Dr. Abdullah Abdullah has always supported India. But now his visit to Pakistan and on behalf of Pakistan. His warm welcome is very important. The Afghan leader made clear and positive statements and appreciated Pakistan’s role in bringing peace to Afghanistan. There is another side to the picture and it is important to keep the past in mind. After 9/11, Pakistan sided with the United States and sacrificed the Taliban, which led to the end of their rule sooner than the United States expected. But when Indian-led activities against Pakistan began in Afghanistan, Pakistan also joined the Taliban. Change your policy on the issue, which angered the Afghan government and there came a time when the Afghan government But now the situation has changed drastically. There was a time when Iran, Saudi Arabia and India were playing a key role in Afghanistan while Russia’s intervention could not be ruled out. Yes, but time and circumstances have changed everything. Pakistan is fully aware of the fact that if there is peace in Afghanistan, then peace is possible in Pakistan as well. Prime Minister Imran Khan and other leaders on many important occasions. But he has bluntly said that a stable and prosperous Afghanistan is essential for peace in Pakistan. On the other hand, the Taliban leadership has also realized that the solution to every problem is not fighting but negotiations. Give The Taliban, who never talked about negotiations, came to the negotiating table and an agreement was reached with the United States. It is hoped that in the near future this desire for peace in Afghanistan will be further strengthened and so will Afghans. We will be able to make equal progress. But Pakistan’s role in this will be very important

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