Afghanistan closes its embassy in India for non-cooperation


By writing a letter to the Indian Ministry of Interior, the Afghan Embassy announced the closure of the embassy in New Delhi.

In a statement issued by the Afghan Embassy in India on social media, it also expressed regret and disappointment over the closure of all embassy activities in New Delhi from October 1. And the non-cooperation of the Indian government was stated and it was said that due to the non-cooperation of the Indian government, the diplomatic mission was facing difficulties in running it effectively while due to shortage of staff and resources it became a challenge to continue diplomatic operations.

The letter written by the Afghan embassy said that India has completely failed to fulfill the expectations of serving the interests of Afghanistan.

On the other hand, the report of the foreign news agency said that there was a tussle between the ambassador nominated by the Taliban and appointed by the government of former Afghan President Ashraf Ghani for control of the embassy.

Earlier, a Reuters report quoted three embassy officials as saying that the ambassador and other senior diplomats had left India in recent months and sought political asylum in Europe and the United States. will take control of the embassy.


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