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After a Traumatic Accident

My Words My Talk….Mudassar Qadeer

For the past 15 days I have been in a lot of pain and stiffness and my right knee is still not healed and I am having difficulty in walking and performing daily activities. The car hit me and I could not maintain the balance of the bike and as a result fell down on the right side of the road. Fortunately I was wearing a helmet so I did not get a head injury but my right knee was injured up to the foot due to which I It was difficult to get up from the road. Seeing this situation, a few passers-by rushed towards me and lifted me to the side. If I lift it further, my feet will not support me and I will fall down. In view of this situation, I called my colleague Raja Sarfraz from the office to come and help me immediately. I have had an accident and my knee may have been fractured. They arrived at the accident, but Rana Abdulmanan, the other colleague, reached there before them and the delicacy of the occasion Realizing that I called Rescue 1122, I was in such a state that neither I could stand up nor I had the courage to sit leaning against the wall.
Raja Sarfraz had also reached and was advising me to walk but it was difficult for me to even take a step. So late the rescue 1122 ambulance came and they took me to the emergency room of Services Hospital. had told me on the phone what happened to me and urged him to come to the emergency room immediately and he was also there. My examination started in the emergency room which was a bitter experience. The doctors checked me and immediately ordered an x-ray given to find out that the knee fracture did not happen, now my condition was to be seen. I was standing and when Irfan turned to the doctor for help, I would stand up with my arms around Raja Sarfraz’s neck. 15 minutes passed in the same struggle and the intensity of the pain increased. After being freed from here, I was taken to the ultrasound room for a body scan There was a seating arrangement for the patients.
The ultrasound report was OK, so I asked Irfan to take the X-ray report. Now he went to take the X-ray report. The duty officers had left without informing their in-charge. The tech came and they took my x-ray from the lab and showed it to the doctor who recommended pain and tetanus shots and later the nursing staff administered them and I was discharged. Irfan drove me in his car to the office where before I reached Usman had arranged for me to reach home in the office car and I finally reached home and immediately calmed down my whole body still from the accident. I was in pain because of this and I didn’t have enough courage to get up and go to the washroom.
It should be noted that such a big hospital in Lahore city, where patients are brought due to accidents and trauma, there is no facility for the patient to sit in the X-ray center. I am wondering what facilities are available to the patient in terms of x-ray. Benches have been placed outside so that the patients and their families can sit and wait for their turn and if a serious patient comes, they can be immediately taken to the X-ray room and X-rayed, but there is an issue of shortage of X-ray films in all three hospitals. has been going on for several months which has not yet been resolved and the patient is provided with a digital image of his x-ray on a mobile phone.
Due to the field of journalism and especially reporting on health issues, I file on a more or less daily basis the efficiency of the health system, the positive role of medical professionals in the treatment of patients, and many such cases in which the government Free facilities are mentioned, but my personal experience in Services Hospital is to describe what I saw, that those who have the duty of administration should be aware of such matters and their role in this regard. I filed the news yesterday also that Secretary Health Dr. Ahmed Javed Qazi visited the Services Hospital in detail and reviewed the facilities provided to the patients, but I do not know that Ahmad Javed Qazi has visited the Emergency X-ray Center. What role did the hospital administration play in this regard?.

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