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An increase in the Psychiatric patients has been observed after the Covid-19,Prof. Dr. Al-Fareed Zafar

Lahore() The post graduate medical institute/ameeruddin medical college (PGMI/AMC) Principal Prof. Dr. Al-Fareed Zafar has said that an increase in the Psychiatric patients has been observed after the Covid-19 and other elements and now almost two thousand patients are coming for treatment every month in this OPD of Psychiatry at LGH. Prof. Al-Fareed Zafar expressed these views in the inaugural ceremony of the Psychiatry OPD. He highlighted that the doctors of this department have set a new example of human services by completing the renovation of Psychiatry Outdoor Department by their own expenses and to facilitate the patients. MS Dr. Khalid bin Aslam, Dr. Faiza Athar, Dr. Rizwan, Dr. Zahid, Dr. Anila, Dr. Farhana, Dr. Nadia, Dr. Usama Anees and other doctors were present.
Principal PGMI said that the outdoor has not only been renovated but also new cabins have been fixed in it so that all patients can easily brief about their psychological problem to the doctor with privacy and seek guidance accordingly. He further said that a big cause of Psychological disorders is distance from religious values. He stated that we should follow our religious norms instead of spending all our time in useless affairs so that we can attain mental and emotional peace. He pointed out that in the Holy Qur’an, Allah Ta’ala says that “One can find the real peace by the remembrance of Allah”.
Prof. Al- Fareed asserted their guidance and counseling is also necessary so that they can be able to handle their affairs in a proper way. He congratulated them on behalf of the doctors for their participation in the good work and said that the service of Allah’s creation is the true worshiper and these physicians are a model for others to emulate in every way. He also appreciated the performance of all the doctors and assured them of his all possible support as the head.

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