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Terrifying revelations of sugar speculator Sheikh Manzoor

Terrifying revelations of sugar speculator Sheikh Manzoor Lahore: Sugar star Baz Sheikh Manzoor alias Haji Hira Samundari has made shocking revelations. Sugar Satabaz shekh Manzoor  made...

Why granted bail to accuse? woman throw her purse on Judge

RAWALPINDI: An enraged woman hit a civil judge with a hand purse after granting bail to the accused. In the civil judge's court, an angry...

Corona epidemic: 103 more people died in Pakistan

ISLAMABAD: The third wave of Corona has intensified, with 103 people killed in one of the deadly viruses while 3,953 positive cases have been...

Saba Qamar faces severe criticism for wearing inappropriate clothes

Karachi: Actress Saba Qamar faced severe criticism instead of good wishes for wearing inappropriate clothes on her birthday. Saba Qamar, who shared an inappropriate photo...

NCOC meeting; Classes 1 to 8 will be closed until April 28

ISLAMABAD: The federal government has decided to close classes I to VIII from April 28 and classes IX to XII from April 18 in...

Fresh Myanmar conflict keeps Thai village on edge

MAE SAM LAEP (AFP) - A sleepy village in remote northern Thailand became a hub of activity this week when it received refugees fleeing...

India tightens screws as Covid-19 infections hit new record

NEW DELHI (AFP) - India’s worst-hit state ramped up its coronavirus restrictions as nationwide the daily infections exceeded 100,000 for the first time on...

Mother’s milk strengthens the baby’s intestines

Spain: The mysteries of mother's milk come to light every year. It is now known that certain chemicals in breast milk are very useful...

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