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Badge-like code sensor mounted on clothing

NEW YORK: Imagine that a small badge-like sensor mounted on your clothing could not only sense the surrounding air, but also warn you of an environment full of storks.

The famous Yale University has dubbed this tiny sensor the ‘Fresh Airclip’, which will immediately alert you to deadly viruses, especially inside walls. This lightweight system can stick to clothing without any difficulty and instantly detects the SARS CO2 virus flying around.

An inexpensive and lightweight device can also be attached to a collar that can detect the SARS CO2 virus that flies around your mouth and nose.
It is coated with polymethyl siloxin, which collects the virus and can be tested in a laboratory later. Initial experiments have shown that this tiny sensor is very effective. For this, it has been applied on the clothes of 62 volunteers working in special environment. Five days later, when the badge sensor was tested in the laboratory, code 19 was confirmed in five of them.

This system can be used in markets and hotels. It has also identified two positive cases from indoor eating places. In this way, the SARS Cove 2 virus can be seen in the environment with great accuracy.

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