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Banana peel, treasure of beauty

Banana peel, treasure of beauty
Banana is a healthy fruit rich in vitamins which is eaten with great relish all over the world. We all know the nutritional benefits of bananas, but few people are aware of the beauty secrets hidden in its peel.

Get rid of warts

At night, before going to bed, put a banana peel on the warts and tie a bandage. Repeat this process daily, the warts will disappear in no time.
Eliminate freckles

Banana peels contain antioxidants (antioxidants), which have magical effects on your skin. Apply the inner part of the peel on your face, wash your face with water after an hour and a half. In a few days, the skin on your face will be free from freckles and soft and supple.
Pearly white teeth

White and shiny teeth add beauty to the face, but you don’t need to chew a banana peel for that. You just rub the inside of the shell on your teeth. Beat this process for two weeks, you will see the difference for yourself.

Effective treatment of mosquito bites

A mosquito is a small creature, but if it bites, you scratch the affected area. Whether you’re on a picnic or at an outdoor party. Whenever a mosquito bites you, just rub the banana peel on the affected area. The irritation and redness will go away immediately.

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