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Tuesday, March 28, 2023

BJP leaders who support Hindutva ideology have now started targeting the religion of Muslims.

Intolerance and extremism in India has reached its peak, BJP leaders who support Hindutva ideology have now started targeting the religion of Muslims. The world also has to think now, is India moving towards civil war due to increasing extremism?
India started to burn in the fire of extremism, supporters of Hindutva
Difficult to tolerate minorities for ideology, BJP
Leaders began to fuel extremism
According to media reports, Karnataka BJP leader Eshwarappa
He spoke such words regarding the call to prayer that the religious sentiments of Muslims
Grievously offended, Eshwarappa said that soon through the Supreme Court
Azan will be completely banned.
This is not the first time that BJP leader Eshwarappa has made similar statements in the past
This is the same Hindu leader who gave Tipu Sultan on August 25, 2022
He was declared a thug, when no action was taken against Eshwarappa on such statements, all of them
Limits crossed
On the other hand in India at different times on the use of loudspeakers in mosques
Banned by the Indian courts, the Supreme Court of India in 2005,
Bombay court in 2016, Uttarakhand and Karnataka court in 2018
In 2011 by the courts of Punjab and Haryana, in 2020 by the Allahabad court
The use of loudspeakers in mosques was banned
Even if the ban did not satisfy the Hindus, on April 4, 2022, the Muslims in Karoli district were attacked
damaged the property of and hoisted the RSS flag on the roof of the mosque,
The question is, when will the world pay attention to the fire caused by the growing extremism in India? Every day in India
Minorities are being targeted, why are the advocates of peace silent? Finally, international human rights organizations
When will they take notice of atrocities on Muslims in India?

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