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Blackpink’s Jisoo discusses why the other members are avoiding her

K-pop band Blackpink’s Jisoo discusses why the other members of the group are avoiding her. They have returned with new Born Pink Memories content showing the members in Amsterdam for their Born Pink Tour.

The girls explored the Netherlands when they weren’t performing and visited Amsterdam’s various landmarks and attractions. The video first focused on Rosé who was searching for a coffee shop as she commented that she found the weather in Amsterdam to be warmer than in other places.

Then the segment switched to Jisoo and Jennie as they went to the Magere Brug or the Skinny Bridge. The spot is quite popular for taking pictures and is often featured in shows and movies.

After finding a good spot, Jisoo began to talk about the bridge for her vlog on which Jennie commented: “Ah, I’m stuck with Ms Vlogger right now.”

Jisoo then explained that ever since she started filming for her vlogs, the other members have stopped hanging out with her. 

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