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Bold dress, Armeena Khan got annoyed and stopped commenting


Karachi: Actress Armeena Khan posed in a bold outfit. Share started being criticized by social media users which increased to such an extent that the actress had to stop commenting. Actress Armeena Khan is very active on social media and often expresses her photos and views on national issues on social media. Yesterday, Armeena Khan shared an old photo of herself on Instagram in which she is seen in a very short black dress.

It was too late for Dakara to share the photo when the criticism started. A user sharply criticized his picture and asked him to send it to Bollywood. At the same time, he used the word Nazeeba for Armeena Khan. Armeena Khan also replied to this user saying that I have gone there, it is a good place. But when the criticism exceeded the limit, Armeena Khan got annoyed and closed the comment option. However, the comment went viral on social media. Armeena Khan closed the comments option on her Instagram account.

But his image is also being criticized on other social media accounts. A woman named Dara criticized Armeena Khan and said, “What does it mean to do such a useless thing?” Then these revelatory women say that people’s thinking is bad. What are the slogans of our body? I am a girl myself. It is difficult for me to oppose any girl but seeing this post has opened my blood.


The country needs them according to Islamic methods. They want justice according to Islam. Even they need protection according to Islam. But they will not act on it themselves. There are many actresses who work in a circle like Sara Khan, Ayman, Manal Khan. Has his reputation waned? On the contrary, people appreciated him.

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