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Broadsheet issue


Broadsheet began its work in 2000. It is quite interesting story but everyone in Pakistan is presenting that part of story which he or his benefactors need. But Pakistani Nation is in a blind street. There is nothing clear. Number of media persons are commenting about this issue and trying to use particular parts. Someone is trying to use it against Imran Khan’s Government and some are trying to make it a charge sheet against former prime minister of Pakistan Nawaz Sharif.

Both opposition and ruling parties are criticizing and ridiculing each other over the issue of Broadsheet.

Interesting, it’s really interesting, to see that how opposition and ruling party of Pakistan fighting with each other.  Blaming each other and using words like Broadsheet of Fraud sheet. But the real damage was done to this country and nation. Who is responsible of this loss? Is Imran Khan or his party responsible? Or those who looted this country, shifted money abroad. This is a decision which nation has to take.

But it will become more interesting when we know the point of view of CEO of Broadsheet. Mr Chavey is saying that Broadsheet started its work in 2000 on the invitation of General Pervez Musharraf who was the ruler at that time. Government of Pakistan gave Broadsheet list of 200 people, who have accounts in international banks and they have shifted money from Pakistan to these banks. He said that we traced accounts of Nawaz Sharif, mr Aftab Sherpayo and some other people.

He said that Broadsheet gave solid proof to NAB about the accounts of Nawaz Sharif in international banks.  And these bank accounts millions of dollars were present. They have solid proofs of it. Now Nawaz Sharif’s this statement is absolutely wrong that he is clear after the decision of international court. In real sense they are responsible of it. Broadsheet gave all important documents to NAB.

But In NAB people were present who have close relations or affiliations with Nawaz Sharif so they immediately shared all the documents with him.

In 2003 NAB suddenly stopped Broadsheet by saying that company has failed to trace the accounts. Now there is a question that why NAB stopped Broadsheet? Is really Broadsheet failed to fulfill its responsibilities of it was the result of that compromise which is done between Pervez Musharaf and Sharif family.

People can find this story is becoming more and more interesting because everybody is trying to confuse the people of Pakistan. Broadsheet provided all necessary documents to NAB which NAB shared with Nawaz and other personalities. Pervez Musharaf became victim of compromise or his greed for power. He was the person who can completely uproot corruption from Pakistan. But unfortunately he did what he found in his interest not in country or nation. Now Broadsheet won the case and Pakistani Present Government has to pay huge sum of money as a fine. Still this process is continuing. Conversation between Lawyers of NAB and Broadsheet had disclosed in which Broadsheet is asking its remaining money of fine.

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