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Burj Khalifa: lightened with green lights at youm e Pakistan

Pakistan Day, the world’s bigest building  lit by the colors of the green-red flag
Dubai: The world’s tallest building, the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, glowed with the colors of the green crescent flag on the occasion of Pakistan Day.

A picture released from the Twitter account of the Pakistani Consul General in the United Arab Emirates shows the green crescent flag of Pakistan flying over the world’s tallest building.

On March 23, Pakistani embassies, consulates and overseas Pakistanis in different parts of the world besides Pakistan organized celebrations on the occasion of Pakistan Day.
This day commemorates the resolution passed at the meeting of the All India Muslim League on March 23, 1940, in the light of which the Muslims of the subcontinent embarrassed the dream of a separate homeland. The resolution was tabled at Lahore Manto Park, where the Minar-e-Pakistan was erected in his memory.

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