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‘Camilla is who I want!’ King Charles fight with Diana from ‘The Crown’ goes viral

King Charles III and first wife Princess Diana’s viral scene from The Crown is making rounds on the internet as his former mistress Camilla Parker becomes Queen Consort. 

In the tumultuous episode of season four, Charles is seen confessing his love for Camilla to Diana, as he demands to have his marriage ended.

“Your capacity for self-delusion never ceases to amaze me. We are glad you are back where you belong without too much damage being done,” Charles tells Diana moments after her first solo trip to New York.

He then goes on to comment on the ‘calculated vulgarity of the antics’ from Diana’s trip where she hugged one of the subjects, triggering a response from the mother-of-two.

“You barely find it in you to hug your own,” says Diana.

“I hug who I want to. I hug who I love, particularly, when they are affected by the selfishness of others.

“Who are you referring to?” questions Diana

“Camilla!” screams Charles

“Why would I care about her?” Diana asks

“Because I care about her,” Charles raises his voice. ” Morning, noon and night!!”

“You have hurt her. And if you hurt her, you hurt me. Camilla is who  I want. That’s where my loyalty lies,” the father-of-two declares.

“Not the mother of your children?” questions Diana.

“Don’t bring the children into this,” Charles interjects.

“Alright. Not the woman you married?” screams Diana.

“I refuse to be blamed any longer for this grotesque misalliance. I was my hands of it,” responds Charles on the verge of tears.

The couple’s marriage eventually fell apart before they officially announced divorce in 1996. A year later, Diana died in a car accident.

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