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Caretaker Provincial Minister of Health Dr. Javid Akram participated as a special guest in Endocoloquium 2023 conference at a local hotel

Lahore (General Reporter) On this occasion, Principal Services Institute of Medical Sciences Prof. Farooq Afzal, Principal Ameeruddin Medical College Prof. Sardar Farid ul zafer, Prof. Amjad, Prof. Khadija, Prof. Ayesha, Prof. Bilal, Prof. Nighat, Prof. Taiba Wasim. Prof. Irfan, medical students and female students and a large number of attendees were present. On this occasion, Principal Services Institute of Medical Sciences Prof. Farooq Afzal and other speakers also addressed the attendees and shed light on the aims and objectives of the awareness seminar. Supervising Provincial Health Minister Dr. Javid Akram visited various stalls. Supervising Provincial Health Minister Dr. Javid Akram, Principal Sims. And also presented commemorative shields to the guests.
The caretaker provincial health minister, Dr. Javed Akram, expressed his opinion and said that he congratulates the administration for organizing the awareness seminar on the most important topic. Diagnosis is of fundamental importance to protect the people of Pakistan from dangerous diseases. According to the vision of caretaker chief minister Mohsin Naqvi, 24/7 primary angioplasty facility has been provided to the people of Punjab in cardiology hospitals. The Punjab Health Care Commission has been directed to conduct a grand operation against the culprits across the province. In Punjab, they are playing with the lives of 80,000 people. They will not allow the people in Punjab to play with people’s lives. My self is always present for this good cause. If a person has a good intention, Allah will definitely give him success. Primary Angioplasty Facility in Punjab Only Elite Komisarthi. Dr. Javed Akram said that an effective campaign is being conducted against adultery across the province. Through this conference, the attendees will get a lot of opportunity to learn. At the end of the conference, new positive thinking should begin.

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