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Pakistani professionals struggle with higher costs as economy teeters

KARACHI: Naureen Ahsan earns more than twice the average wage in Pakistan, but the school administrator says she has no choice but to homeschool...

Maryam Nawaz group and Shehbaz Sharif group.N-League is likely to lose in the elections

The biggest question at this time is where does the PML-G stand? Some political experts and people say that Shahbaz Sharif threw out the...

Pakistan’s affairs and nuclear program from the IMF

Due to the non-settlement of Pakistan's issues with the IMF, many concerns and concerns are circulating on social media, national media and print media....

Markets set up in Quetta for people going to Europe illegally from Pakistan

Going to Europe is the biggest dream of Pakistanis, exploitation by investors in Pakistan, lack of employment opportunities, injustice and many other reasons are...

The agreement between Saudi Arabia and Iran, the important role of China

The world is surprised at the agreement between Saudi Arabia and Iran mediated by China. No one had any hope that relations between these...

First Moazam and now Ali Bilal, for power and how many more

Power is also a strange thing. Man crosses all boundaries for his sakeMacrovah goes away even by playing with human livesThe truth is not...

In economics, women’s voices still struggle to be heard

BERLIN: When Spanish Economy Minister Nadia Calvino found out she would be the only woman lined up for a photo call to promote the...

International Women’s Day: Australian news anchor’s on-air protest over vulgar comments

International Women's Day: Australian news anchor's on-air protest over vulgar commentsAustralia's leading news anchor Lisa Miller has expressed her deep grief over inappropriate comments...

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