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How pandemic has affected our mental and physical health

BY CORNELL UNIVERSITY Among those changes, emerging data show that many Americans have gained weight, are drinking more alcohol and are not sleeping well. We’re more...

Plastic chemicals can damage brain cells

Plastic chemicals can damage brain cells Germany: Two common chemicals used in plastics can cause severe brain damage, scientists say after research. BPA and BPS are...

Regular exercise also keeps the liver healthy

Scientists at the University of Sokuba say that regular exercise and weight loss can reduce non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, a seemingly common but dangerous...

Coronavirus lockdowns around the world as vaccine efforts stumble

MUMBAI: Fresh lockdowns and curfews were imposed on tens of millions of people from India to Argentina on Saturday, as COVID-19 infections surged again...

COVAX coronavirus vaccines reach more than 100 countries

GENEVA:(Reuters) Six weeks after the COVAX vaccine facility began to roll out vaccine supplies, the scheme on Thursday said it had delivered nearly 38.4...

Thousands of viruses like Corona ready to be transmitted to humans!

California: Novel Corona virus (SARS-CoV-2) is currently the newest pathogen that is transmitted from animals to humans, but thousands of such viruses are hidden...

Mother’s milk strengthens the baby’s intestines

Spain: The mysteries of mother's milk come to light every year. It is now known that certain chemicals in breast milk are very useful...

In mutant variants, has the coronavirus shown its best tricks?

LONDON/CHICAGO (Reuters) - The rapid rise in different parts of the world of deadly, more infectious coronavirus variants that share new mutations is leading...

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