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South Korea develops nanotech tattoo as health monitoring device

DAEJEON: South Koreans may soon be able to carry a device inside their own bodies in the form of a bespoke tattoo that automatically...

Are penguins chasing this butterfly or is the butterfly leading penguins?

In a rare video, a group of penguins was seen chasing a butterfly, jumping and walking in a funny but adorable manner, across the...

UK army investigating ‘fake priest’ breach near queen’s castle

LONDON (Reuters) - The British army said it had launched an investigation after reports that a man who was pretending to be a priest...

Mysterious dolls continue to arrive on the American coast

Texas: Although scientists see life on the beaches, rocks and pollution, but now people are surprised and disturbed by the arrival of strange dolls...

Unique cafe for very busy writers

Tokyo: Japan is a unique land with restaurants and cafes for cats, snakes and fish. In this context, a caf has now been set...

The robot now began to perform the important task of peeling bananas

TOKYO: Robot grips have always been considered tough, but now robotic hands have been used to peel bananas with great skill and gentleness.Interestingly, this...

The famous American aircraft carrier ‘Kitty Hawk’ sold for one dollar

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The famous "Kitty Hawk" fleet, which has led US forces to victory in several wars and played a key role in...

Giant bunny loses in California salad-eating contest

(Reuters) - Lettuce-loving giant rabbit Honey ‘Mega’ Bunny suffered a resounding defeat on Tuesday in a head-to-whiskers salad eating contest against competitive eater Raina...

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