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Beautiful video of rare snow leopard cubs released in Khanjarab National Park

Khanjarab: On the World Snow Leopard Day, the World Wildlife Fund (WWF Pakistan) released footage of snow leopard cubs. The video shows rare scenes of...

A man without both arms became a successful sports car driver

Warsaw: Despite losing both arms in a tragic accident, a young Polish man did not give up and has now become a professional sports...

Annual pillow fight championship in Japan

WikiLeaks: Every year in the Japanese town of Ito, a pillow fight championship is held in which dozens of teams from all over the...

Rock divided into two equal parts, the geological wonder of Saudi Arabia

Riyadh: There is a unique geological wonder of the world on the Arabian Peninsula in which a large rock can be seen divided into...

Tallest teen, fastest hair skipping among 2022 Guinness World Records

LONDON (Reuters) - From the dog with the longest ears to the world s tallest teenager, Guinness World Records reveals its latest record breakers in...

This new look of Wasim Akram will amaze you

SYDNEY: Former national team captain Wasim Akram, who spent a quarantine day in a hotel in Australia, shaved his mustache after Begum's threat, but...

Man skates across Canada to save bees, breaks Guinness record

Web Desk) - A Canadian man strapped on his in-line skates and rolled more than 6,200 miles across the country to raise awareness of...

Bear steals package from woman’s front step

(Web Desk) - A Connecticut homeowner who reviewed security camera footage to find out what happened to her missing Amazon package was shocked to...

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