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Karachi fishermen catch humungous Indo-Pacific sailfish

KARACHI: Fishermen from the port city's Ibrahim Hyderi area Wednesday caught a rare, humungous Indo-Pacific sailfish, also referred to as "ghora fish" by locals. The...

Italian town that will pay you $30,000 to move there

Towns in Italy have been trying to repopulate themselves and are launching clever schemes to lure people in. There are some neglected houses in the town of Presicce...

Cat that is neither male nor female shocks UK doctors

Veterinarians in the United Kingdom were shocked after they realised that their cat-patient was neither female nor male. As per a report by The Guardian, a...

World record for bungee jumping 23 times in one hour

Cape Town: A South African woman has set a Guinness World Record by bungee jumping 23 times in one hour. According to the Guinness World...

The world’s fastest competition of eating 10 chilies in just 33 seconds set a new record

California: A man from California has shown extraordinary courage and has eaten the world's fastest 10 chilies that normal people can't even get off...

‘Tired of taking care’: 81-year-old man pushes disabled wife into sea

After being "tired of taking care of her" an old Japanese man pushed his disabled wife into the ocean, reported The Independent. Hiroshi Fujiwara, 81, pled...

Cobra Sanke died due to the bitten of eight years old child in India

New Delhi: Usually, people die from snake bites, but in a unique incident in India, a baby was killed by a snake bite. According to...

The world’s largest mosaic made of bread

Mexico City: Bakers in Mexico have set a world record for creating the world's largest mosaic spread over an area of ​​2,222 square feet...

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