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From Food drains and gastrointestinal surgery to Munir Niazi’s death anniversary

Rafiq's family belonged to the middle class. They lived in the street with Chowk Jhanda in the inner city. I met him through my...

Debt-for-climate swaps make sense

What if there were a magic bullet to address the climate crisis, the pandemic-induced debt crunch and the need to boost development finance all...

Time for Palestinians to stop just saying ‘no’

For most Arabs, former President Donald Trump will be remembered for ordering a ban on many Muslims entering the US and for undermining the...

Steady as she goes’ OPEC+ policy rewarded by oil markets

When OPEC+ takes decisions, markets move. Many analysts were surprised that OPEC+ stayed the course at last Thursday’s ministerial meetings and continued increasing output...

World repeating its mistakes on omicron variant

Is the cure to omicron, the new COVID-19 variant currently spooking the world, going to be worse than the disease? This question is not coming...

Kingdom writes a new chapter in the Gulf IPO story

The Gulf capital markets embarked on the 21st century with a great deal of promise, supported by ambitious regulatory, institutional and technological change.While the...

Omicron is enveloping world rapidly, world is alarmed, countries taking quick steps

The new variant, the new debate, and the new big threat to the world, the news circulating in the world today about the new...

Why the world cannot afford the UN to fail

The UN has faced mounting criticism in recent years, but remains the foremost manifestation of a multilateral world order, still well-positioned to navigate the...

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