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Why did New Zealand and England run away from tour of Pakistan?

  Eighteen years later, the two biggest teams in the world of cricket were ready to clash, the stage was set. The Rawalpindi Cricket Stadium...

Boris bets on Biden … but beware of Beijing

As dozens of world leaders gather in New York for the annual UN meetings, the eyes of many will be focused instead about 350km...

US missteps embolden enemies and unnerve allies

Joe Biden was supposed to be the anti-Trump on the world stage — restoring the trust of allies, enhancing multilateralism, and calming tensions through...

What happened in Afghanistan?

Rather than victory and defeat, the question that is being raised the most in the world is what happened in Afghanistan?How a group of...

G7 flexes its political muscles again

While the G7 was created in the 1970s to monitor developments in the world economy, last week’s crisis meeting of Western leaders illustrated the...

As the US quits, China looks to move in

Major regional powers are looking to fill the vacuum left by the US departure from Afghanistan. At the forefront are Russia and China. Moscow...

Inept Biden has handed the Taliban all the cards

Every time US President Joe Biden gives a speech attempting to defend his strategy — or the lack of one — in Afghanistan, he...

Afghan turmoil helps Israel suppress media coverage of its abuses

The “shock and awe” surrounding the swift Taliban takeover of Afghanistan has created a perfect distraction for Israel as it steps up its violence...

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