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For Iran, the IRGC’s regional role is as important as the nuclear deal

BY Nadim ShehadiAs the latest round of talks in Vienna is declared to have failed, what seems a side issue in the negotiations over...

National Day of Newspapers and People Friendly Initiatives of Pervez Elahi

BYMudassar Qadeer(mudassarqadeer579@gmail.com)I was interested in newspapers from the third grade, my father Qadeer Shaidi was a writer, poet and journalist, so the newspaper was...

Efforts of China and Russia to reshape the international system

By Mian Iftikhar ul HassanIn February 2022, Russia attacked Ukraine, which has now become a terrible situation, Russia is facing anger from many countries...

Challenging times for UN but General Assembly forum remains vital

By Kerry Boyd AndersonAt this year’s UN General Assembly, delegates will face both old and new challenges. Since last year’s meeting, the world has...

Nuclear talks falter as Iran charges ahead regionally

By Dr. Abdel Aziz AluwaishegThe joint statement made this week by France, Germany and the UK ended speculation about the Vienna talks aimed at...

Is New Political drama going to happen in Punjab?

By Mian Iftikhar Ul HassanThere are indications that political drama is once again brewing in Punjab, India has been put on the stove, now...

UK heading for costly storm unless Truss adapts quickly

by Mohamed ChebaroIf the new UK Prime Minister Liz Truss’s history is anything to go by, the country must brace for more uncertainties during...

Social research key to designing impactful policies

By Sara Al-MullaSocial research is playing an increasingly central role in crafting impactful public policies. Societies are at the heart of policymaking, so interweaving...

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