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Imran Khan’s attacks on General Bajwa continue, why is Parvez Elahi silent?

By Mian Iftikhar Ul Hassan A few days ago, former Prime Minister Imran Khan attacked former Army Chief General Bajwa. Ali Zaidi and others make...

Commendable action and responsibility of the state

My Words My Talk….Mudassar Qadeer(mudassarqadeer579@gmail.com).Recently, for the first time in the history of Pakistan, the state felt the responsibility and presented a financial aid...

After a Traumatic Accident

My Words My Talk….Mudassar Qadeer(mudassarqadeer579@gmail.com) For the past 15 days I have been in a lot of pain and stiffness and my right knee is...

Is Pakistan about to default?

BY Dr Farrukh Saleem Pakistan is not about to default on its debt obligations, neither external debt nor internal debt. A sovereign default is the “failure by...

America not to blame for Europe’s problems

BY Dr. Amal Mudallali The weather forecast predicts a not-so-frosty winter for Europe. But the transatlantic relationship is already threatened with deep freeze if the...

The politics of shalwar kameez

BY Professor Stephen M. Lyon I’ve got a confession to make. I prefer shalwar kameez. And not just in Pakistan or in hot weather. I...

Internally Displaced People: A social-cultural-technical challenge

BY Professor Stephen M. Lyon Like many, I have followed the news of the devastating floods in Pakistan with a mix of horror at the...

Politics and violence

By Professor Stephen M. Lyon The gun attack on former prime minister Imran Khan’s passing vehicles in Wazirabad and the home invasion and hammer attack on Paul Pelosi,...

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