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Why what happens in the US does not stay there

By CORNELIA MEYER   Tuesday and Wednesday saw the much-anticipated Congressional testimony of US Federal Reserve chair Jerome Powell and Secretary of the Treasury Janet Yellen. The...

How US can bolster its Middle Eastern economic ties

  LUKE COFFEY Most of the focus of US policymakers in the Middle East in recent years has been on security issues. Transnational terrorism from groups...

Woman’s day

Written By Mian Junaid Manzoor   With reference to "Occasional Women's Day" or one would say "Aurat March Day", Everyone is portraying as Women have been...

What does the future hold for Trump and Trumpism?

Following US President Donald Trump’s dramatic departure from the White House there was a great deal of speculation not only about his own political...

The geopolitical impact of US’ new pivot to Asia

In a tweet last week, Martin Indyk, a former US envoy for Israeli-Palestinian negotiations, referred to a quote by a senior Biden administration official,...

Why the West may be on the march again

The decline of the West became a dominant theme of the Trump era. But the Western alliance’s rejuvenation as a political force will be...

Are you lonely – or alonely?

Have you ever wondered what the opposite of lonely is? Given that Valentine’s Day is today and it feels like the Covid-19 pandemic is...

US and Gulf share concerns on climate change

It is fair to say that there has been some nervousness among Gulf states about the new Biden administration. New President Joe Biden’s intention to...

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