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How to tell someone this!

After spending more than two decades in prison, Nelson Mandela finally became the president of South Africa when he went around the city with...

Little pharaohs

An army of small pharaohs and one aloneMy hands are empty of scepterIf the hands are free from the staffThe entity becomes two-fold.If the...

Shahbaz, Zardari should apologize

Children remember what we tell them, who are the tellers, parents, teachers, scholars and leaders. When we took our consciousness, there were two major...

PTI’s first major political trial, Imran Khan arrested

In this way, the arrest and release of PTI leaders has been going on for the past one year, but the biggest arrest took...

Undeniable truth

Movements turn into pomegranates when their leadership is not present in their midst. Then everyone comes out with their wounds, someone is unemployed, someone...

“Pakistan Arrested”

It seems that the fire in their hearts has not yet cooled down by making East Pakistan Bangladesh. How many unfortunate people are there....

Tail Carriers

Britain's King Charles was crowned in a lavish ceremony, the formal coronation ceremony was held after some seven decades, the ceremony was attended by...

Which questions did JIT ask Imran Khan? The inside story was revealed

Joint Investigation Team (JIT) of Lahore Police reached Zaman Park to review the crime scene in 10 cases registered against Imran Khan. The JIT issued...

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