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World must not abandon the women of Afghanistan

President Joe Biden was adamant early this month when he aimed to convince the American people and the world that there was nothing left...

Vultures circle over Kabul as America retreats

When President Joe Biden announced the US withdrawal from Afghanistan this year, few predicted that the Taliban would acquire vast areas of additional territories...

Changing circumstances in Afghanistan and Pakistan

BY Mian M Iftikhar ul HassanOnce again Afghanistan has become hot issue in the world. There are frequent reports which are telling Taliban’s success...

Sparring over cybersecurity

BY Maria MaaloufThe success of talks between the US and Russia on cyber security is essential to ensure global stability and trust in the...

Vaccine diplomacy sees Russia boost its geopolitical leverage

By Dr. Diana GaleevaDuring the first coronavirus disease (COVID-19) lockdown in May last year, myself and colleagues from the prestigious Moscow State Institute of...

Conflict continues to thrive despite pandemic

BY Kerry Boyd AndersonAlthough much of the world’s attention has been focused on the coronavirus disease, the pandemic has unfortunately not led to a...

Europe’s attempt to court Iran not a safe bet

BY Dr. Mohammed Al-SulamiEbrahim Raisi’s victory in last month’s Iranian presidential election raises concerns about the likelihood of a more hawkish policy toward Europe,...

Turkey’s difficult choices after NATO, EU summits

BY Yasar YakisTurkey is faced with some difficult choices after two important summits that took place last month.The first was the NATO summit of...

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