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The effect is not for him, the reward is nothing for you.

My Words My Talk….Mudassar Qadeer(mudassarqadeer579@gmail.com). Some time ago I wrote about the financial crisis of Radio Pakistan, after which I was told by an officer...

China pursues an independent foreign policy of peace

By By Xi Jingping China stands firmly against all forms of hegemonism and power politics, the Cold War mentality, interference in other countries’ internal affairs,...

Lure of cultural districts is hard to ignore

By Sara Al-Mulla What could be better than exploring cultural districts that bring together the creme de la creme of the art world? Immersing ourselves...

Ambitious industrial strategy will maintain Kingdom’s geopolitical role

By Abdel Aziz Aluwaisheg Last week, Saudi Arabia released its National Industrial Strategy, which charts a path toward greater diversification of the economy, away from...

Australia sounds death knell for US ‘Deal of the Century’

BY(Ramzy Baroud_) US President Donald Trump’s so-called “Deal of the Century” was meant to represent a finality of sorts, an event reminiscent of Francis Fukuyama’s...

A ‘new Kazakhstan’ celebrates its national day

BY(Berik Arin) On Oct. 25, Kazakhstan celebrates its Republic Day. In September this year, President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev, after signing the relevant decree, declared this day a...

Strange death of the UK Conservative Party

By(Chris Doyle) The soap opera surrounding the UK Conservative Party has a great scriptwriter now. The Westminster village is a never-ending production line of scandal...

EU’s reputation is riding high, but challenges lie ahead

By Kerry Boyd Anderson Polling suggests that the EU is enjoying high favorability ratings among Europeans and around the world. The Russian invasion of Ukraine...

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