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Creators of molecule-building precision tools win Chemistry Nobel

STOCKHOLM, Sweden: German Benjamin List and Scottish-born David MacMillan won the 2021 Nobel Prize in Chemistry on Wednesday for developing new tools for building...

YouTube has allocated 10 100 million for the short videos

SAN FRANCISCO: It seems that YouTube has decided to tweak its shorts, ie dedicated videos. It has been announced that YouTube will provide a...

Five times faster than voice missile test in the United States

Washington, DC: The Pentagon has announced that it has successfully completed a test of its "air-breathing" hypersonic missile. Simply put, it would be a missile...

New revolutionary battery made of pure silicon

SAN DIEGO: Scientists have recently developed a solid-state battery that, after making it, has revealed some of its unseen properties that have amazed them. According...

IT expert arrested for cheating  Nadia Khan

KARACHI: An IT expert has been arrested for committing cyber fraud with actress and host Nadia Khan and transferring the earnings of her YouTube...

How to configure the new Focus mode in Apple iOS 15?

Silicon Valley: Apple has recently introduced a new feature called Focus Mode in the iOS 15 update for its operating system. This feature has made...

Teletivanians throw away Chinese-made mobile phones

Vilnius: The defense department of the European country Lithuania has issued instructions to the people to throw away Chinese-made mobile phones and not to...

Facebook to launch portable version of Portal video chat device

(Reuters) - Facebook has announced two new models of its Portal video calling devices, including its first portable version. The social media company also said...

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