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Unique Android application that will compel you to raise head

LONDON: Smartphones are such a magic world that people become unaware of the world by using them, but this human obsession sometimes becomes a...

American, Russians dock at ISS in flight honoring first man in space

MOSCOW: A trio of Russian and American space travelers launched successfully and reached the International Space Station. NASA astronaut Mark Vande Hei and Russian cosmonauts...

Facebook launches public test of live Q&A product Hotline

(Reuters) - Facebook Inc started public testing of a new application dubbed Hotline on Wednesday, where creators can speak and take live questions from...

Make your Android phone smarter

Make your Android phone smarter Washington: While the Android phone has made things easier, it can sometimes be a headache for users who switch from...

NASA helicopter ready to fly to Mars!

PASADINA, California: NASA has announced that the Ingeneti helicopter, which landed on Mars with the Perseverance Rover, is ready to make its maiden flight. However,...

PTA lifted nationwide ban on tiktok

PESHAWAR: The Peshawar High Court had allowed the opening of tiktok after which the PTA lifted the nationwide ban on tiktok. The Peshawar High Court...

Facebook shut down billion accounts, including Venezuelan president

Facebook Closes or freeze more than 1.3 billion accounts and pages, including facial pages. A statement from Facebook's administration said that "strict measures have been...

Earth safe from asteroid for 100 years: Nasa

The space agency gives Earth the all clear for the next century from a particularly menacing asteroid Whew, now here’s some good cosmic news: Nasa...

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