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3D robotic hands can now play video games

Maryland: Scientists at the University of Maryland have created a soft robotic hand with the help of a 3D printer that can play Nintendo...

Ericsson’s 5G march hits a wall in China, shares fall

Ericsson said on Friday it was no longer banking on previously anticipated contract wins for 5G tenders in China as it gets caught in...

Netflix hires former Facebook exec as gaming VP to focus beyond films, shows

LONDON: Netflix Inc. said on Wednesday it has hired a former Facebook executive to lead its video games unit as the company ramps up...

World’s first Sugar cane produced with crisper technology

Florida: Sugarcane is a popular crop around the world, but we have always felt the need for the best and most environmentally friendly varieties....

China built world’s largest astronomical museum

Shanghai: The world's largest and most beautifully designed astronomical museum has opened in China. Its exterior design is shaped into intricate curved shapes that...

Facebook password stealing Android application

Silicon Valley: Android users should not use these applications as these apps steal the login and password of your Facebook account.Mobile phone and computer...

First astronauts at China’s new space station conduct spacewalk

BEIJING (AFP) - Astronauts at China’s new space station conducted their first spacewalk Sunday, state media reported, as Beijing presses on with its extraterrestrial...

Facebook set to finance regional Australia newspaper fund

SYDNEY: Facebook Inc. will provide money for an “innovation fund” for 170 regional Australian newspapers as part of a planned licensing deal, the parties said...

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