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Daily Mail sued Google search engine

New York: The British newspaper Daily Mail has filed a case accusing technology giant Google of manipulating search results. The Associated Newspapers, the newspaper's publisher...

Indonesian submarine goes missing while drilling

Indonesian submarine goes missing while drilling Jakarta: A German-made submarine drilling in the Indonesian sea has gone missing, along with 53 crew members. According to the...

A passenger plane crashes in France, killing 4 people

A passenger plane crashes in France, killing 4 people PARIS: A small passenger plane crashed shortly after takeoff in the French capital, killing four people. According...

A knife-wielding man attacks worshipers at a mosque in Albania

Tirana: In the capital of the European Muslim-majority country of Albania, a knife-wielding man entered a mosque and attacked worshipers, injuring five people. According to...

Prince Harry, Kate Middleton seen talking after Prince Philip’s funeral

(CNEWS DESK) Prince Harry and Kate  Middleton were pictured sharing a heartfelt exchange after the funeral of Prince Philip. They were latter joined by Prince William...

Tradition of announcing Sahar and Iftar by shelling with cannon restored in Egypt

Cairo: Cannons have been used in Egypt since the time of Salah al-Din al-Awbi to keep the fasting people informed of the time of...

Ukrainian diplomat arrested being by Russia on espionage charges

  According to Russia's Interfax news agency, the FSB (Federal Security Service) arrested diplomat Olek Sander Sosunyuk after receiving intelligence from a Russian citizen in...

With food and fuel, Hezbollah braces for the worst in Lebanon collapse

BEIRUT: Lebanon’s Hezbollah has made preparations for an all-out collapse of the fracturing state, issuing ration cards for food, importing medicine and readying storage...

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