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chances of Pakistan being removed from the FATF

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan has sent its latest report to the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) on the progress in significant counter-terrorism, anti-extremism and money laundering measures.

Pakistan has assured to complete the implementation of 27 points of FATF and to complete the progress on the remaining 6 points as soon as possible. The good news is that Pakistan will be removed from the FATF gray list this year. Has strong hopes.

There is hope that good news will come from the FATF regarding the removal of Pakistan’s name from the gray list this year. There were one-day face-to-face talks between Pakistan and the FATF about two or three weeks ago in which The Pakistani delegation was led by Federal Minister Hamad Azhar.
Pakistan has handed over to the authorities the documentary evidence of full implementation of 21 out of 27 points while assuring significant progress on the remaining 6 points which are said to be 50 to 70 of these 6 points. Percentage work has been completed.

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