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Chinese scientists have installed the world’s tallest automatic weather station on Mount Everest

Kathmandu: Chinese scientific researchers have made a significant contribution to the history of meteorology.

Chinese researchers have installed the world’s most automated weather station on Mount Everest. The automatic weather station was installed at an altitude of 8,800 meters. A weather station was set up to measure snow and ice thickness.

The station will operate even in the harshest weather for two years and will be powered by solar panels. The station will send data every 12 minutes. The Summit Mission project includes 5 scientific research teams, 16 scientific groups and more than 270 researchers. The 12-member team delivered weather station equipment to the world’s highest peak.

Earlier, Balcony Station had the status of the highest weather station in the world, located at an altitude of about 8,430 meters above sea level. The balcony station was installed on Everest in 2019 by American and British scientists.

It should be noted that China has already installed three meteorological stations on Mount Everest which were installed at an altitude of 7028 meters, 7790 meters and 8300 meters.

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