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Corona epidemic could continue for another 7 years due to rich countries, experts

Corona epidemic could continue for another 7 years due to Mir countries, experts say
GENEVA: Public health and epidemiologists have warned that if rich countries do not end their monopoly on the corona vaccine, the Covid 19 epidemic could continue for the next seven years.

It should be noted that by March 4, 2021, 283.6 million doses of corona vaccine had been given worldwide.

However, the worrying aspect of this situation is that about 75% of these doses are given in only 10 rich countries while many poor countries are still completely deprived of corona vaccine, with a total population of 2.5 billion (two and a half billion). Is running
The reason is that most rich countries have not only bought more corona vaccines than they need, but have also obliged their vaccine companies not to sell Covid 19 vaccines to any other country without government permission.

For example, the agreement reached between the US Department of Health and Human Services (NHS) and Pfizer / Biotech is designed to benefit only the US and FAZ and no one else.

In addition to the growing demand for the corona vaccine in Europe, Italy has also stopped exporting the corona vaccine to Australia.

Experts warn that this trend, also known as “vaccine recession” (vaccine hoarding) and “vaccine nationalism”, could make the global corona virus more dangerous and prolonged. ۔

In a recent article published in the weekly research journal Nature, Gavin Yami, an American public health expert, warned that if the same pattern of injustice and prejudice continues in the global distribution of the Covid 19 vaccine, the epidemic will continue for the next seven years. Will dominate the world until

He used “game theory” to make this estimate.

Other experts are of the opinion that despite the corona vaccine being administered to all the people in rich countries, the epidemic is still affecting the majority of the world’s population, which will also affect these rich countries.

He says the corona virus has a tremendous ability to change rapidly.

So if the virus continues to infect large numbers of people in poor countries even after mass vaccinations in rich countries, it will have even more opportunities to transform itself, leading to the emergence of a new virus. Against which our current corona vaccines will be ineffective.

Now, if the potential for the spread of this new virus and its lethality increase, we may face a new global epidemic that may be far more dangerous than the current (Wood 19) epidemic.

In simple terms, this opinion of the experts means that if the rich countries continue to show selfishness, not only will the current global epidemic of corona virus continue for another 7 years, but it may even happen before the epidemic ends. And let the global epidemic begin.

Experts also say that the large-scale presence of the Covid 19 epidemic in poorer countries will also hit rich countries harder, which could affect their economic growth.

The good news, however, is that the World Health Organization’s “CoVAX” program has begun delivering the corona vaccine to the world’s poorest countries, including Africa, Ghana, Mali and Malawi.

The slogan of the program is: “Unless everyone is safe, no one is safe!”

The goal of the Kovacs program is to give two billion doses of the corona vaccine to the general public in 92 of the world’s poorest countries by the end of 2021.

The list also includes Pakistan, which will receive 14.64 million doses of the corona vaccine free of charge by June 2021.

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