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Couple handcuffed themselves to avoid a breakup

The couple handcuffed themselves to avoid a breakup
Kiev: In Ukraine, a couple handcuffed each other to avoid daily quarrels and breakups.

According to the World News Agency, 33-year-old car salesman Alexander and 28-year-old beautician Victoria live together in Ukraine and quarrels are common, even nine times a week when the two threaten to break up and leave home Get out.

Before Valentine’s Day, Victoria once again threatened Alexander with a break-up, which she decided to do without causing a fight or a break-up. Alexander handcuffed one of his companions.
They have been handcuffed for a month and both intend to stay together for at least three months. They go shopping together, do housework and even go for leisure.

The couple shared photos of the handcuffed hands on Instagram, with users making interesting comments. The couple says they have learned to solve problems anew.

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