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Cut the thumbs of the people!

You can steal all the flowers from the lawn, but you can’t stop spring from coming. How long can the dark night of cruelty last? Who can stop the sun from setting? Pharaoh also thought after killing every child he was safe.
The same city, the same plaintiff, the same judge
We believed we would be found guilty
Mard Momin divided Bhutto’s People’s Party into three parts, the National People’s Party led by Ghulam Mustafa Jatoi, the Progressive People’s Party led by Kausar Niazi and the Equality People’s Party led by Hanif Rame. Later came Commando Sahib who was not afraid of anyone, he recovered only one People’s Party from the People’s Party, the Patriot People’s Party, led by Faisal Saleh Hayat. With this, Bhutto was removed from the path, Benazir was eliminated, but the People’s Party is still alive, it has come to power three times after Mard Momin, and Sindh is still with them. Yes! PPP has definitely shrunk, but not because of anyone’s power, cruelty, brutality, but because of Asif Zardari’s policies. With power, you can suppress someone, drive away, keep him in prison, humiliate him, but you can put your love in his heart and not hate anyone. If anyone’s manifesto could be taken away by force, it would have been 75 years since Kashmiris would not have taken the name of freedom, the Palestinians would have been silent, they carry the dead bodies of their loved ones every day, but their determination has never weakened. After all, victory has become their destiny.
Dead jinns will surely have their consequences
Light will emerge from this dark sea
What is this national tragedy? Those who leave Tehreek-e-Insaf are not involved, those who do not leave are involved. The judges of the High Court have started giving advice to the leaders of Tehreek-e-Insaaf, hold a press conference, otherwise “they” will not leave, this is the situation of our judiciary, the nation is raising their children by keeping their children hungry, making them like kings. Sort of, just to be fair, what they’re saying. Resign and go home, why are they consuming the nation’s money in a haram manner. The Chief Justice of Pakistan has also gone to bed, the constitution has been broken, the law has been changed and billions of rupees have been protected. By entering, honors of noble people are being insulted, women are being desecrated. If you can’t do anything, leave the position, the chair is not the funeral. The practice of press conferences is going on, let’s have a press conference. Let the nation know that we are helpless, we cannot give justice, maybe there will be some respect left for them in the heart of the nation, otherwise history is being written. There used to be a Chief Justice. A servant’s character lasts through his generations. The children of Mir Jafar and Mir Sadiq were called the children of traitors, they fought against Tipu Sultan, in their country today, on May 25, 2023, their sword has been auctioned for 4 billion 93 crores. Har bin Yazid Tamimi, history will continue to salute him till the Day of Judgment, his life could have gone even while he was in the Yazidi army. Martyrs are the sons of the nation, since when did they become soldiers? Shahbaz is the king of tail carriers, he does not miss any opportunity. No martyrs have been insulted, politics is being done in their name, their names are being sold, the people have not forgotten what happened, as everyone knows what happened, break the party, disqualify the candidates and imprison them. Get the captain out of the way, this was the London plan that was drawn up months ago, the implementation is going on fast, no stone is left unturned. The head of the Sicilian mafia is still worried, because the voters are the same, the candidates are going to change, the power is the voters. Somewhere this did not happen, let this request also come from London, cut off the thumbs of the people.

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