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Daily Mail case: British court rules in favor of Shahbaz Sharif

LONDON: – A British court has ruled that the Daily Mail’s report was a disgrace and ruled on a preliminary hearing at the request of PML-N president Shahbaz Sharif and his son-in-law Ali Imran In favor of the League President. A more detailed hearing will follow, with the court declaring the Daily Mail article a serious defamation.

According to details, the hearing of the defamation suit of former Punjab Chief Minister and PML-N President Shahbaz Sharif’s journalist David Rose and the British newspaper Daily Mail began in London, the capital of the United Kingdom.

Delivering the verdict after a preliminary hearing, British court judge Matthew Nicklin said the words in the Dell Mail article were a disgrace to Shahbaz Sharif.

Justice Nicklin said that the article said that money laundering had taken place, the article said that the victims included British taxpayers, the article said that Shahbaz Sharif and Ali Imran benefited from corruption. The article said that Shahbaz Sharif also benefited from money laundering. In the article, Shahbaz Sharif was called the poster boy of UK Deaf.

He said that he had not read anything about the operation against Shahbaz Sharif in Pakistan. Lawyers for the Daily Mail said that the allegations of corruption and money laundering against Shahbaz Sharif were very limited and based on assumptions. Shahbaz Sharif lives in a palace-like house in Lahore.

Mail’s lawyers admitted that Shahbaz Sharif was not charged with money laundering. Mail’s lawyers also referred to the statement of Accountability Advisor Shehzad Akbar that an investigation into money laundering has been started. According to Shehzad Akbar, the embezzled money has also been recovered from the funds. Who is behind the embezzlement? I have arrived, our information is limited.

On this occasion, Shahbaz Sharif’s lawyer said that the article of the newspaper was based on completely baseless allegations instead of evidence. The article insulted Shahbaz Sharif. The article first gave an example of the links between Shahbaz Sharif and the British government and then corruption. Allegations were made.

Shahbaz Sharif’s lawyers said that the Daily Mail article was based on lies, Shahbaz Sharif did not commit a single rupee of corruption.

Lawyers for the Daily Mail said that the Daily Mail did not directly accuse Shahbaz Sharif of money laundering. The detailed evidence against Shahbaz Sharif was largely based on assumptions but based on his luxurious home.

Simon Sharon QC said that Imran Ali Yousuf did not commit any corruption, Daily Mail made baseless allegations, these allegations were made against Imran Ali because he was a relative of Shahbaz Sharif.

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