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Dealer who provided free oxygen cylinders to patients became an example

KARACHI: While the artificial shortage of medicines and black marketeers are destroying humanity and business ethics during the Corona epidemic, an oxygen dealer in Karachi has proved that the creator of the universe by providing free oxygen to the poor and deserving class. There is no such thing as business profit for pleasure and service to humanity.

Mohammad Kashif, an oxygen dealer working under the name of Pak Orient Gases Company, was providing free oxygen to deserving patients even before the Corona epidemic. It became difficult and I expanded the scope of free delivery.

Mohammad Kashif said that those who ask for a discount are given a half discount and those who cannot afford oxygen are given free oxygen cylinders.
According to Mohammad Kashif, the demand for oxygen has not increased dramatically and the price has also increased by Rs 100 last week, which fluctuates more or less.

He said that most of the deserving people cannot afford to buy cylinders and they also provide oxygen cylinders to the needy families, the cost of oxygen supply is borne by their families and now the benefactors along with them are also deserving. Making it easier for people to get oxygen.

Mohammad Kashif said that his company has been in the gas business for many years and also supplies oxygen cylinders to more than 80 hospitals in Karachi, big and small. Reports of oxygen shortage and extraordinary increase in demand are false. There are only four families who request free oxygen.

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