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Dengue Awareness Day will be celebrated on July 2 at Sims and Services Hospital,Professor Dr Muhammad Farooq Afzal

Lahore () Principal Services Institute of Medical Sciences Professor Dr Muhammad Farooq Afzal has said that Dengue Awareness Day will be celebrated on July 2 at Sims and Services Hospital which will start with a rally in front of the new OPD building. The day has been arranged in the light of the orders of the Punjab government for which a letter has been issued to all the unit heads and hospital management. He said that Services Hospital is the first hospital in Punjab where the first state of the art. Dengue ward has been made functional where all the facilities for the treatment of patients suffering from this disease will be provided free of cost as per the orders given by the Punjab government. The present government is taking many steps for better treatment of dengue patients. And with this commitment, the management of Services Hospital is also paying full attention to better care and treatment of patients. Former Principal Sims Professor Dr. Faisal Masood’s services regarding dengue are our role model and we will continue to work on the model set by him, he said. It is very helpful in saving the lives of patients and speedy recovery and we have deployed trained staff for this ward in this regard and in this regard, civil society, media, social organizations to raise public awareness. He told Omega News that the theme of Services Institute of Medical Sciences and Services Hospital is famous for its metabolic diseases on which all the faculty have to fulfill their responsibilities. Is playing its role and our effort is rather determined to set up a system so that any patient with a report of metabolic disease anywhere in the province can be assisted through telemedicine and its treatment can be completed. In response to the question, Principal Sims Professor Muhammad Farooq Afzal said That the health system is based on the well-being of patients and our first and last priority is to serve patients and lead them to a healthier life. He added that Pakistani doctors must specialize in the medical fields. In order to enhance their academic status and knowledge, the faculty at Sims is fully equipped with regard to medical education and the teachers in the training of the youth provide them with all kinds of academic and practical support so that when these students graduate from the institution. Do your part in construction and development with the spirit of service to humanity in mind.

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