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Dictators in political parties, Chief Justice of Pakistan

ISLAMABAD: Chief Justice of Pakistan Justice Gulzar Ahmed has said that there should be democracy within a political party.

According to details, a five-member larger bench of the Supreme Court headed by Chief Justice Gulzar Ahmed heard the presidential reference regarding holding the Senate elections through open ballot. Attorney General Khalid Javed, while initiating the arguments, said that people should vote for MPAs. Votes are cast because of his party affiliation. Voting against the party must hurt public confidence.

The attorney general said independent candidates could vote for whoever they wanted. The Chief Justice inquired as to where the independent candidate would get proposals and endorsers. The Attorney General replied that the party in the government is talking about fulfilling the election promises. If the majority in the Senate is not fulfilled, how will the promises be fulfilled?
The Chief Justice remarked that if there is no discipline in the party, how can there be a majority in the House? There should be democracy within the political party. There are dictators in the political parties as well. Almost all the parties in Pakistan are one party. The attorney general said that in the past, four unelected people used to decide who would be the prime minister. The Chief Justice remarked that people also surrender by voting against their conscience. Those who voted against their conscience were bound by the orders of the party chief. It would be better if the party chief decides with the opinion of all.

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