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Do you know what the white mark on the bottom of the nails means?


Many people have a white mark on the bottom of their nails but you have never considered why this happens and what it means, so we tell you that it is the bottom of the fingers and thumb. Why on the part.

The scientific name for these white marks on the fingers is “Lunula Unguis” and its presence in a clear, white and clean form indicates good human health and permanent activity, while scientists say that if the white marks on 8 or 10 fingers If there is, it is an indication that the immune system is working well and if the scar is lighter and fainter than it is, then it means that the person is not in good health and such a person is tired and There is a lack of energy.

Medical experts agree that many physical and mental illnesses and cases of malnutrition are closely related to the shape, color, volume and condition of the nails, so it is important for a doctor to examine the nails when performing a general health check.

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