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Due to the negligence of the people, the corona virus is spreading again across the country,Medical experts

Lahore (Mudassir Qadeer) Leading medical experts of the country have stated that due to the negligence of the people, the corona virus is spreading again across the country. Nizami said that the situation in Punjab is under control but the severity of the disease in Sindh is very high. If these conditions remain the same, the severity of corona virus will also increase in Punjab due to the negligence of the people. The spread of is minimized.

Dr. Khalid Mehmood Khan, Professor of Medicine, Allama Iqbal Medical College, informed that most of the new patients of Corona who have come forward were not vaccinated and that is why the severity of the disease is higher than others. The effect of the corona vaccine lasts for about 8 months, after which it is very important to give a booster dose, so those who have received the corona vaccine on time should also get a booster dose so that they The body’s immune system is immune to the virus and the immune system eliminates the effects of the virus.

Physician Dr. Banesh Saifullah Khan while talking in this regard said that if human immunity is better then corona is more aggressive then it does not affect much and seasonal fruits are used to improve immunity. It is very important to use and make sure that you include in your diet foods that are rich in vitamin C. He said that daily consumption of yogurt also helps to improve the immune system.

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