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Education is the cornerstone of democracy and fundamental importance for the development of any nation,Aman ullah Malik

LAHORE (Mudasir Qadeer) Education not only provides us with employment and livelihood, but also grooms and refines our personality, defines our character traits. Education is the cornerstone of democracy and fundamental importance for the development of any nation. This is the reason why the importance of education has increased more than ever in this era. That is why distance education system is being resorted to in order to impart education to all classes for the last several decades as it is the only education system that not only accepts the challenges of today but is also sufficient for these things. Regional Director Allama Iqbal Open University Lahore Aman ullah Malik told Omega News about the importance of distance education. are also present which are important in the present era of technological advancement. Traditional school systems are unable to meet today’s growing demand for education; moreover, competition tends to limit the monopoly of educational institutions; in such an environment, education is no longer a regular process. Only distance education provides an alternative to Saktaas. Amanullah Malik, a representative of Omega News, said in response to a query by Omega News that distance education provides an easy entry level for students. can learn from Distance is not a barrier in distance learning. The advent of computers, internet and other media has made the whole world a global village. In this there is no age limit for obtaining education. In distance education there are no traditional classrooms in which daily attendance of students is required. Continue your work in the morning and study by enrolling in a course in the evening. The main objective of this system is to educate people at large. Especially those who live in rural areas and do not have access to education or want to improve their educational qualifications. Amanullah Malik said about the costs of distance education that the special feature of this education system is the reduction of education costs, it is not only a cheap solution to educational problems, but also surprisingly effective in some cases. Its administrative structure is very different from the traditional education system, under which the student is not bound to strictly follow the program of the institution. In the open learning system, teaching materials are prepared in a very standardized and scientific manner so that the feeling of shortage of teachers is minimal, he said that until October 1998, 1117 educational institutions in one third of the world’s countries have different distance education systems. Courses were being taught and millions of people are benefiting from this education system. 159 institutions in 31 countries of Africa, 109 in 19 countries of Asia, 96 in 5 countries of Australia Pacific, 412 in 25 countries of Europe, 3 countries of Middle East in different regions of the world. There are 278 institutions in 3 countries in North America, 7 in 5 countries in the Caribbean and 53 institutions in 12 countries in Latin America. In the 20th century, there was a revolution in mass media and radio, television, audio. Video cassettes and computers began to be used for educational purposes. In this way, the effectiveness of distance education has been increasing. This university is a unique institution in Pakistan which is equipping people with excellent education from matriculation to Ph.D.

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