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Excessive use of tea or coffee can be harmful to health

Medical experts say excessive consumption of tea or coffee is harmful to health.

Usually when we have to wake up or get tired we drink tea or coffee immediately which activates our brain immediately, gives energy to the body and we do our job well, some people Are so addicted to tea or coffee that they need tea or coffee after one or two hours, but according to medical experts, drinking more than 4 cups of tea or coffee a day is harmful to health. Medical experts say That is fine if you are drinking 4 cups of tea or coffee a day but if you are accustomed to drinking more tea or coffee then it is risky, because doing so will not only make you feel anxious, anxious and It will make you tired and you will also suffer from diseases like insomnia and blood pressure.

According to medical experts, you can only use green tea to meet the demand for tea or coffee because the antioxidants in it help to eliminate bacteria. Ginger tea is also a great alternative to coffee.

Turmeric milk is also the best way to meet the demand for coffee or tea, its ingredients not only boost immunity but are also good for health in other ways. According to medical experts, the demand for tea can also be met by drinking lemon water. Vitamin C in it is not only healthy for the skin but also for the immune system.

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