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Monday, April 19, 2021

Facebook shut down billion accounts, including Venezuelan president

Facebook Closes or freeze more than 1.3 billion accounts and pages, including facial pages.

A statement from Facebook’s administration said that “strict measures have been taken to prevent the spread of misleading information about the Corona virus and its vaccines, including closing or freezing 1.3 billion accounts in the last three months.”

The statement added that the official page of Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro had been frozen yesterday, sharing misleading information about the corona vaccine. The page describes an indigenous and magical way to treat corona. This was a video about a homeopathic medicine that was immediately removed.

Facebook acknowledged in a statement that it had been shutting down accounts and removing content since the middle of last year to prevent the spread of misleading information about Corona. In addition to closing 1.3 billion accounts in three months, more than 12 million items based on misinformation against the corona vaccine were removed, according to health experts.

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