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Failure of Imran Khan being PM of Pakistan

A major benefit of the visits between former Army Chief General Bajwa and Imran Khan was that the nation got the opportunity to know many truths. Among them, one truth or reality is that Imran Khan was brought to power as a result of the general elections of 2018, he was not the selected Prime Minister. He was right, the role played by the General Bajwa group in bringing Imran Khan in 2018 is known by many informed journalists, while now Imran Khan himself has given proof of this in his recent actions.

There are also journalists who told General Bajwa during the meeting in blunt words that General Bajwa should not do that. Khan came to power and continued to praise General Bajwa for more than three years, Imran Khan called General Bajwa the best man on more than one occasion in various forums and interviews, but the result of this Imranian love was not good. It turned out, only Bajwa can explain better why the regime change was decided, but apparently his The second reason is the failures of the Imran government, it is a separate issue that after being removed from power, all the failures of Imran Khan are being blamed on those who took over the power, which the people are not ready to understand only because in the country Inflation is high. No one is ready to think how it is possible for the economy of a country to reach this state in just seven months. If even a small house has to be destroyed, then this time is short. Here it is not about the house but It belongs to the country, they raised the slogan of thieves, robbers and robbers in the country, whose only aim was to gain power, Imran Khan and his loved ones also raised the slogan that the two families who ruled the country for thirty years have destroyed the country. Looted, it is surprising that even after this looting, when PTI got power in 2008, the state of the country was not what it is now.

The plan was buried, China’s daily Global Times wrote in its editorial on October 28 that China’s plans and new initiatives are being ignored and ignored. Tools are being made because many people are still trying to accept China’s rise. Imran-era minister Razak Dawood said in an interview that previous governments had performed poorly in negotiating with China on CPEC. In the same interview, he said that in his opinion, the progress on CPEC should be stopped for one year, while the Chinese Foreign Minister rejected this opinion of during his visit to Pakistan and said that as a result of the CPEC project, the debts of Pakistan will be reduced.

The burden has not increased. It is also worth noting here that Imran Khan, in his statements before coming to power, expressed concerns about the non-publicity of information on the project and also raised questions about the unfair distribution of its benefits. A member of Imran Khan’s party called the CPEC project the China Punjab Economic Corridor. Pakistan signed the CPEC agreement with China in 2015. According to this, China invested sixty-two billion dollars in Pakistan in fifteen years. Investments are to be made, a large part of this investment is spent on improving the process of power generation and transmission As well as the construction of new roads and new railway tracks, large sums of money have been allocated, with Gwadar Port considered to be the heart of the project to lower travel costs to markets in China, the Middle East and Africa. And will be able to trade in less time. However, there is an endless debate in Pakistan that China wants to make Pakistan its slave by ensnaring it in the debt trap under the guise of CPEC. The United States believes that through this investment, the goal is to establish China’s monopoly more than the development of China in Asia, Africa or any region.

That is why the United States has always demanded the information of the projects included in the CPEC to be made public. On the other hand, the minister of the current coalition government, Ahsan Iqbal, makes serious accusations against Imran Khan regarding the CPEC project. He says that not a single industrial zone could be completed during the four years of Imran Khan’s government. Neither any industry was set up. The present government has decided to abolish the CPEC authority and directly manage the affairs of CPEC. Roughly, after reviewing all this situation, it can be said that the situation regarding CPEC projects was neither clear in the past nor is it now. The matter does not end there, but it was claimed that if Imran Khan’s government comes, it will bring back two hundred billion dollars of corruption. It will remove one hundred billion dollars and put one hundred billion dollars into the economy. After Imran Khan’s government, the debt increased by 100 billion dollars, 100 billion was lost in four years, Pakistan became a victim of diplomatic isolation, social immorality and economic depression. After the recent tragic incident of terrorism in Peshawar, IG Khyber.

Pakhtunkhwa expressed outrage over security measures, absence of Safe City and forensic lab and the plight of the police, while Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif has said that 417 billion rupees have been given to Khyber Pakhtunkhwa to deal with terrorism in ten years. I can’t find the account. It seems that the entire account has been cleared and transparent.Not only this, many other crises were faced during the Umarani period, including sugar crisis, flour crisis, medicine crisis, petrol and potato tomato crisis. This is the reason why some circles called Pakistan It was suggested to change the meaning of pure land'' toland of crises”, when the sugar crisis came out, Imran Khan assured the entire country that action would be taken against those responsible for the crisis, but everyone knows what happened Khan’s three-and-a-half-year failed government saw a large number of his supporters abandon him, the situation was worse, no one can deny it, then suddenly Imran Khan lost power when the no-confidence motion was successful. When the news of the no-confidence motion came out, it was welcomed by Imran Khan and his supporters. On the other hand, everyone knows what was done to thwart the no-confidence motion. He says that Imran Khan is responsible for the current situation, then this question would have been raised by the public and experts The situation was so bad, why was the government taken, where is it going? Shahbaz Sharif drowned the PML-N for the sake of power. While Shahbaz Sharif and his allies say that the state was prioritized over politics, it is a difficult time. We will face these challenges.

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