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Hareem Shah shared another video of Mufti Abdul Qawi (QAVI) dancing with a girl


LAHORE: (C NEWS Desk) Tik Tak star Hareem Shah has shared another video of Mufti Abdul Qawi’s dance with a girl during a party.

According to the details, controversial  after video of slapping Mufti Qawi and other revelations came to light in the last few days but now once again Hareem Shah has leaked the video of Mufti Qawi. A video has been shared from Hareem Shah’s official Instagram account. In which Mufti is embracing a young girl and dancing. In the video, the Mufti can be seen dancing with a girl while background can also be heard.

It may be recalled that Hareem Shah had recently leaked a video in which a tick talk girl had slapped Mufti Abdul Qawi (Qavi). Later, Hareem Shah confirmed that she had slapped Mufti Qawi and said that she had slapped him and the reason will be revealed soon.

In this regard, Mufti Qawi said that Hareem Shah and I were invited to Karachi for a TV program. He was using his mobile phone in the hotel when Hareem Shah suddenly came into the room and slapped him.

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