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Heart Attack cause of speedy deaths


Ijaz Hussain lived in the backyard of our house in Garwarjan Nagar. He used to work in Sui Gas. I used to meet him while he was flying kites on the roof. People used to come to the rooftops in the afternoon after winter and winter. I also used to go to the rooftops for kite flying after school and after my previous studies. I was preparing to go to school after having breakfast in the early morning when suddenly I started crying and screaming from his house. My sister is calling for help. As soon as I got there and the neighborhood also came there. Her sister started saying that she had a heart attack. Arrange for an ambulance. In most of the houses, telephones were available. Neighbors rushed for an ambulance and I found Ejaz Hussain’s disfigured body. At first glance, he left and went to school. On his return from school, he found out that Ijaz Hussain had died of a heart attack and the heart attack was so severe that he had died at home before going to the hospital. The effect of this incident was on my brain for many days. A similar incident happened to me on May 12, 2004 when my father died of a heart attack in the early morning services hospital’s pulmonology ward. I asked the duty doctor. What happened to him? He said: Sudden heart arrest, this term was new to me. I didn’t understand what it was. I had no illusions that my father would die suddenly because of 15 consecutive days. Due to the treatment, he was able to regain his health. He came to the hospital on his own two feet and after that he started treatment. He was suffering from various diseases due to smoking and diabetes in China. For many days his condition continued to deteriorate. He never resorted to medical treatment in his life. He always resorted to Greek wisdom. An emergency situation had arisen and my younger sister and I called my elder sister in Sargodha to come and take Abu to the hospital, but at the same time, when Abu’s condition worsened, I started calling Ramzan Butt for help. Those who lived in the house came immediately and they supported my father by lifting him from the bed and sitting him on the sofa and persuading him to go to the hospital. He lit a cigarette in his hand and gave it to him because he knew that It’s hard to explain without them. For 30 minutes, Ramzan Butt had enabled him to go to the hospital, but the new problem was that he didn’t want to go to the Fruit Hospital. The Fruit Hospital was 5 minutes away from my house, but Today it was so far away that it was finally decided that we would go to Services Hospital. An ambulance came through Faisal Uncle and the father walked on his feet without any support and stopped before boarding it and looked at the house with sad eyes. It may have occurred to him that I would not be able to survive anymore, until I was transferred to Services Hospital Emergency. He continued to walk on his feet but later gave up on himself. Doctors performed all his tests and concluded that his lungs were not working more than 10%. He was shifted to the pulmonology ward and given an oxygen mask. So he was shifted to the Pulmonology Ward but died of sudden cardiac arrest on May 12. A similar situation occurred to me in June 2011 when the same thing happened to my other elder singer and poet Khawaja Pervez The emergency ward of Fruit Hospital shifted to Gora ward and after talking to him on June 11, when he reached home, Khwaja Mubashir got a call that my father had passed away. My mind refused to believe that I had just met him. I came to the hospital in a hurry and what happened in 15 minutes? I immediately returned to the hospital and saw that his body was being transported in an ambulance to bring Khaki home. Arrest: This disease is so strange that most of the people who get infected with it die. When I look at the statistics, I find that many people die of heart disease every year, and one-third of those people die of sudden cardiac arrest if translated into Urdu. So heart arrest means, I had heard that heart disease is in love, but now it is known that he is in love with death. In this regard, the Director of Pakistan Islamic Medical Association, Relief Professor Dr. Afzal Mian Talking to them, they found that the causes of sudden cardiac arrest are the same for all ages. Sudden card arrest causes a person to fall suddenly and oxygen to the brain. The brain stops working due to non-availability. The chances of recovery of such a person decrease with the passage of time, ie 80% chance of recovery after 2 minutes of fall and 60% chance of recovery of life after 4 minutes.The patient’s life can be saved on how to give emergency first aid to such a patient. If there is no sign from the patient, then understand that he is suffering from sudden cardiac arrest. Lay him flat immediately. Raise his legs with the help of something. Call other people for help. Squeeze and compress the breast 30 times and hold her nose and blow through her mouth so that her lungs will be filled with oxygen which is helpful in rehabilitating the patient and we now under our association Has trained hundreds of people in mosques on how to try to save a patient’s life if they come across such a situation anywhere because the one who saved a life served humanity and our determination We want to train people across the country through our camps, he added, adding that crowded places in developed countries Automated external defibrillators are installed in railway stations, airports, general bus stands, schools and markets, which play a vital role in the recovery of the patient in case of sudden cardiac arrest. Ordinary people and children can also learn from it. After Prof. Afzal Mian’s awareness talk, I thought that a person suffers from heart disease and such things should be told to the readers so that the heart becomes strong. Dr. Furqan Yaqoob came up with the idea and after talking to him, it was found out that there were 200,000 deaths due to heart disease in Pakistan in 2019 and now there is an increase in heart disease. It is important to use proper diet to avoid heart disease. Eat a diet, eat more fruits and vegetables, avoid smoking. High cholesterol causes various diseases in the body and blood clots increase the risk of heart disease. Weakening of the heart and its To prevent diseases, olive oil, canola oil, walnuts and coconut, rice, eggs, cornbread, chips It should be used and now I will talk about the CBA election of Radio Pakistan in which the USO was successful all over the country but even the pots of Tariq Shah’s biryani at the Lahore center did not save it from defeat. His third position remained the same and the same happened with the workers’ union, whose chairman is now facing the demand to resign. The ones who got the most votes now have to really talk about the legitimate demands of radio employees on every platform.

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