How to tell someone this!


After spending more than two decades in prison, Nelson Mandela finally became the president of South Africa when he went around the city with his security team, stopping for a meal at a hotel along the way. There they saw a man waiting for his food to arrive. Nelson Mandela told his security officer to ask this man to bring his food to our table and sit here and eat with us. The man came, his hands were shaking badly while eating, after finishing the meal, he left, Nelson Mandela’s security guard said that this man looks sick because his hands were shaking, his condition was not good. Nelson Mandela replied, “Not sick, scared that I might do to him what he used to do to me in prison.” Nelson Mandela said that he was a guard in the prison where I was incarcerated. Today, his hands are shaking because I am the president, I will take revenge on him, but revenge is a passion that leads to barbarism instead of helping the nation, while the spirit of patience and mercy leads the nation. It helps in building. Nelson Mandela concluded his speech by stating a historical truth in these words: “People of weak character are slow to forgive, while people of strong character are not slow to forgive.”
Power and authority is such an addiction in which a man becomes cruel and oppressive by being intoxicated, in this intoxication he does not think that time does not stand still, days keep changing. If you are not sure, if you ever go to Rangoon, you will find smelly shanties in the dirt streets of Digan township where you will find some people from the generation of Bahadur Shah Zafar living on government stipends. How many days will the storm of oppression and oppression last? Herod the Great, Nero, Pope Alexander VI, Caligula, King John, Maximilian Robespierre, Genghis Khan, Vlad the Impaler, Ivan the Terrible, Attila the Hun, Leopold II, Pol Pot, Emperor Hirohito, Joseph Stalin, Adolf Hitler, these rulers. also brutally killed political opponents and people, what happened to them? These are signs for the wise, not for the ignorant and unworthy. What happened on May 9 has been talked about a lot, the government became the heir of the martyrs, started politics in their name, Shahbaz Sharif, Rana Sana, Khawaja Asif tell me who in their family sacrificed their lives for the sake of the country? Let’s tell you that we support the family of a martyr? Many more things happened on May 9, why are they not mentioned? According to Imran Khan, 25 people were killed by police bullets, why are they not being named? The killing of one person is the killing of the entire humanity. Every Tehreek-e-Insaaf worker is being picked up from home, why? The police enter the houses and torture and misbehave with the women, the court releases them and then they are arrested again. One person has been released four times by the court, but they are still in prisons. Shah Mahmood has not been released for five days despite the bail, what is being avenged from the people? That is why they want Imran Khan. Was the reward so low that they took away two meals a day from the poor? Can people’s ideas be eliminated by force? If this were the case, the people of Occupied Kashmir and Palestine would never have taken the name of freedom. You want to honor yourself with power? You want to make people think like you at gunpoint?
Someone’s order!
All winds, always tell them before they move, what is their direction? Telling the winds will also happen, what will be the speed when they blow? That the wind is not allowed anymore, all these walls of our sand, these paper palaces that are being built, it is necessary to protect them, and the wind is their old enemy, everyone knows this.
Someone’s order!
The waves of the river, just reduce this rebellion, stay within your limits, rise and scatter, and scatter and rise again, it is wrong for them to riot, this is all just a sign of terror, a sign of rebellion, rebellion is not tolerated. Yes, this horror will not be tolerated, if the waves have to stay in the river, then they will have to flow quietly now.
Someone’s order!
There will be flowers of only one color in this garland, there will be some officers who will decide how the garland should be made. , this officer will determine.
How can anyone tell this!
Winds and waves, when they listen to someone’s command, the winds, in the fists of rulers, in prisons in handcuffs, do not stop. The next step is flooding.
How can anyone tell this?
(Javed Akhtar)


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