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Husband pushed pregnant wife off the mountain for insurance money

ANKARA: In Turkey, a husband pushed his wife to a mountain under the pretext of taking a selfie to get insurance money.

According to Turkish media, in 2018, 32-year-old Hakan Isel took his pregnant wife to the mountains for a walk, where he pushed his wife off the mountain under the pretext of taking a selfie, while on the emergency service, Hakan said his wife’s feet slipped The bodies of a woman and a child were found after a search operation by rescue teams. A few days after his wife’s death, Hakan arrived to collect his wife’s insurance money, but the company refused to pay. The incident is currently under investigation.

In November last year, police arrested Hakan Isel after an investigation into the murder of his wife and her 7-month-old baby in an attempt to extort insurance money, according to a court indictment. Hakan waited for 3 hours to push his wife so that no one was around.
According to the prosecution, Hakan Isel was to receive about ً 41,000 from the insurance company after the death of his wife. However, Hakan Isal denied all the allegations and said that he did not push his wife but he slipped on his own feet.

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