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If house decides, i will go in opposition, PM

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan has announced that he will take a vote of confidence from the House on Saturday and will ask in front of everyone whether he trusts me or not if I am not eligible and I am not trusted. I will go into opposition.

Imran Khan said that he will ask the House whether he trusts me or not and if you distrust me on the basis of the declaration, I will respect you. He said that my message to PDM is that if What will happen to me if the power is gone?

I don’t want to raise money or property. Apart from travel and security, no government money is being spent on me. I want to tell you that I will not leave you until you return the looted wealth of the country, even if I remain in power. I believe that this country will become a great country when the bandits are punished in it.

The Prime Minister said, “Is it my sole responsibility to stay behind these robbers?” The nation also has to fulfill its responsibility in this regard. Flowers are not thrown at corrupt people. Describe a country in the world where there is no system of punishment for corrupt people and there is progress.

He said that PTI got all the seats it was supposed to get. Yousuf Raza Gilani was distributing all the money. I was told by my MNAs, women MPs that an offer of Rs.

Addressing to media, the Prime Minister slammed the Election Commission, saying, “I want to ask the Election Commission why you opposed the open ballot in the Supreme Court. Does the Constitution allow theft?” Then you opposed the recognizable ballot paper. If that had happened, we would have traced our MNAs today. Election Commission rescues vendors in Senate Our politics has been corrupted by taking money in the Senate. Corrupt gangs have supported secret ballots to steal votes.

He said that the Election Commission has damaged democracy in our country. If the Supreme Court had given you a chance, couldn’t the bar code have been put on 1500 ballot papers? Today you have tarnished and damaged the dignity of the country’s democracy.

Addressing the nation, the Prime Minister said that in order to understand the problems of the country, it was necessary to understand what happened in the Senate elections. The Senate has been running money for the last thirty to forty years. Whoever wants to be a senator buys MPs.

He said that the leadership of the country comes within the Senate and the members of Parliament elect them. I have since been surprised that the senator gets this representation by paying a bribe and on the other hand the members of the National Assembly sell their conscience. Since then, the campaign for the open ballot began.

He said that when 20 members sold their votes in the Senate elections, they were expelled from the party. PPP and PML-N had spoken of open ballot in the Charter of Democracy. When these parties also did not support the open ballot, we went to the Supreme Court, where the judges also repeatedly talked about running for money in the Senate elections.

Imran Khan said that a video came to light during the reference and during the hearing of the reference, the court urged the Election Commission to make the election transparent. The opposition called the secret ballot anti-democracy, while in the Charter of Democracy they had agreed to it.

“I want to tell you today that their only goal is to get rid of corruption cases against them and I will give them NROs like Musharraf,” he said. But when I refused, they started trying.

He said that the opposition in Corona had tried to thwart the government as well as put pressure on us to change the NAB rules in the legislation to remove Fatty from the gray list. I have only one pressure from them to give them NRO.

The Prime Minister said that the opposition opposed the open ballot because it was to run for money in the elections of Hafeez Sheikh and Yousuf Gilani. By winning the Senate election for Yousuf Gilani, his aim was to get NR by hanging the sword of no-confidence on my head.

He said that after independence Pakistan had prestige but after the non-partisan elections of 1985, money and corruption reached its peak in politics. Since then, the country began to decline.

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