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If you want to lose weight, know what is the right time to work out?

Timing a person’s workout can affect your workout in a number of ways, but the importance may vary depending on individual preferences and circumstances.

Each person’s body has different energy levels depending on how much sleep a person gets, what they eat, etc. Many people know what time of day they feel most energized. are doing

Choosing a time of day when you feel most energetic can increase your exercise performance, try to choose the same time of day and work out at the same time every day. Let’s find out what the experts say. According to what are the 6 times of the day that are considered best for working out?

1) Early morning (6-9 AM)

This is the best time for people who start the day with exercise, working out at this time not only improves the metabolism but also gives energy for the whole day and exercise at this time is more likely to lose weight.

2) 10-11 AM

This time is good for those who like to start the day a bit late.

This is considered the best time to work out. By this time your body is ready for the workout, flexibility is improved, and muscle strength is increased, reducing the risk of injury.

3) Lunch time (12-2pm)

Some people find it easier and better to exercise during their lunch break.

This time is not only great for losing body fat, but can help reduce stress and increase overall productivity for the rest of the day.

4) 3-5 PM

This time is also best for working out, if you are going to start your workout at 3 o’clock try to have lunch at 2 o’clock, there must be an hour gap between the workout and the meal.

5) Timings 5-7 PM

Many people find it best to exercise in the evening, the best time to calm your mind after work.

6) Night 7-10 PM

This time is a good option for those who prefer to exercise closer to bedtime.

However, it is important to allow some time (about an hour) between exercise and sleep to allow the body to cool down before going to bed.

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