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Is There anyone who can cure pains and sufferings of people?

My Words My Talk…Mudassar Qadeer.

Both the government and the opposition are engaged in raising slogans to surprise each other, while in these loud slogans, there is no example of the loss and economic exploitation of you and me, infect me and you both belong to the class. Those who have to work hard to support their family and if after working hard they get consolation in terms of compensation, then tell them what to do about it, because like both the government and the opposition, the ruling elites also raise such slogans that at once we As some are forced to think and others take advantage of this time to take their time, will there ever be accountability for those who raise hollow slogans, the answer will definitely be no, because the upmaier, who has to participate in this process, has only his own. Privileges mean that for them, all others are insects, whom you crush whenever you want, they will not ask for their rights. Today, Radio Pakistan is following the same path. Corruption is on the rise in the institution and its progress is taking a bumpy ride. Such people have been imposed on it who are not able to play their role well. I will talk in detail some other day. Today I will talk about those people whose problems are the responsibility of the state. In the past days, I used to visit Mayo Hospital, Services Hospital, Janah Hospital, Sarganga Ram Hospital and General Hospital on a daily basis. I have stayed to see what problems the common man is facing in the field of health, and I am not ashamed to say that in the parking areas of hospitals, waiting rooms and small parks, people are lying helpless in the cold season, who need treatment. In addition, the facilities are not available and they come here from distant areas and they are in poor condition. Their patients are promised daily operation and their operation is postponed after 12 hours by keeping them hungry and thirsty. I will give an example of an orthopedic unit where several operations are postponed daily and patients are asked to pay Rs. The in-charge of this unit is Professor Hanif, who like the Secretary Primary and Secondary Health, Dr. Irshad, does not like to listen to phone calls. As a result, when a major incident occurs, a press release is issued to cover it up. There is a shadow of a monster, the crisis of medicines is at its peak in the biggest hospital of the province, many operations are being postponed every day and the administration has not been able to control this crisis despite its efforts. Is .
Operation theaters in the surgical tower and other departments have been partially closed due to the lack of anesthetic drug “isofluorine” in Mayo Hospital. In the operation theater where 15 to 20 operations were being performed daily, now three to four operations are being performed only with local anesthesia. On the other hand, the hospital administration is delaying the issue by making excuse of lack of funds, CEO Mayo Hospital Professor Haroon Hamid said in this regard. A meeting was also held under the chairmanship of which the facilities available for the patients were reviewed and an announcement was made that the operations of the patients in the hospital are going on normally and there is no shortage of anesthetic drugs but according to my knowledge eyes, heart and other such The CEO of Mayo Hospital said that even now we have more than 100 anesthesia injections in the store and have provided injections in each theater. More than 100 major and minor operations are being done every day, the situation of other medicines is improving and local procurement is also being done, it will get better in the coming days, while other hospitals are also suffering from the same situation where the patients are being treated. In addition, various problems are being faced.
Food prices are skyrocketing to sustain life. What is the commodity whose prices did not go up in flames? Unemployment is common and the limited income of those who are employed has been reduced by the mantra of inflation, due to which people are finding it a risk to support their families and no one is asking. Everywhere, the civic administration is helpless in front of the mafias and people are lamenting for the solution of their problems, but there is no one to inform them and solve the problems.

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