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Israel ready for war against Lebanon

Tel Aviv: Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gentz ​​has warned that if the Israeli people are threatened, we are ready for war. The world will once again see our troops marching on the streets of Beirut, Sidon and Tire.

According to the Jerusalem Post, the Israeli Defense Minister threatened Lebanon, saying that if our people were targeted in a military operation, they would besiege Lebanon again and inflict heavy losses on Hezbollah.

He said that Lebanon should remember the war fought on June 6, 1982, when our forces reached Beirut, in which Israel had continued its land and sea siege for 88 days.
The Zionist defense minister wrote in a tweet that if we were asked for a military operation in Lebanon today, it would be more severe, in which Hezbollah and Lebanon would have to pay a heavy price.

He added that the decision on the territorial waters of Israel and Lebanon is a lifeline for Lebanon.

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